Rush Maintenance Seattle

Company: RushAmbition

Location: Seattle Washington 


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Founder Highlights

  • Established Artist since 2005. 
  • 6 years experience in Healthcare plant operations, studied IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Worked in Alaska Fisheries sixteen hour shifts Seven days a week OR twelve hour shifts seven days a week at the ages of 18,19, 27,28.( Four seasons).
  • While working full time I’ve had long term side hustles working  in Media and information Technology for companies such as CBS Media and Redbull.
  • Two commercial art shows.  2017 Cati CA, 2018 Everett WA.
  • 1,200 custom designed print on demand products with hosted platforms. Live Heroes, RedBubble.  International sales.

Distance Traveled: 

Attending 13 public schools graduating in 2009 entering the workforce as a professional. 

Differences as Strengths: 


Project management.